Seasonal Treasures

At the beginning of each season there’s a little pinch of magic. The start of Spring, new beginnings, bulbs emerging in gardens. Summer, the first warm evening you can sit out in the garden reading and sipping wine. Autumn, when the leaves are all shades of wonderful. Winter, the first time you come into a warm home from the cold.

For a greengrocer that magic extends to our work and the changing of seasons brings changing of fresh produce from near and far.

Today I packed one of our seasonal £22.00 boxes going out to a customer. They’d ordered one of our standard fruit and veg selections plus a Pocklingtons’s Luxury plum bread to collect. Today’s was a particularly enjoyable to do so I thought I’d share it with you now.

Contents included:

~ Boston New Potatoes
~ Lincolnshire Romanesco
~ English New Crop Carrots
~ English Peas in Pod
~ Mushrooms
~ Sweet Potato
~ Kenyan Fine Beans
~ English Tenderstem Broccoli
~ Cooking Onions
~ Garlic
~ Lincolnshire Strawberries
~ Bananas
~ Pears
~ Peaches and Nectarines
~ Honeydew Melon
~ Royal Gala Apples

Seasonal Fruit And Veg

Give us at least 24 hours notice and we can arrange a seasonal box like this for collection at £22.00 or delivered for £24.00 plus you can add in any treats such as plum bread should you wish. Find out more about our order collection and home delivery services here.