Belated Bread Making

When the nation took to bread making during the pandemic I didn’t get much chance for baking, co-ordinating collections and home deliveries somewhat took over!

This week I decided I wanted to try my hand at it again so I chose to make one of my favourites focaccia. I picked up a bag of Wessex Mill Strong White bread flour, pack of instant yeast, some extra virgin olive oil, fresh rosemary that needed using up from the shop. I had sea salt flakes and olives already in my cupboard.

20210701 182724

I did a bit of a ‘google’ for a recipe and came across this Food Tube from Jamie and Gennaro.

I followed the recipe, lots of being patient proving things which doesn’t come naturally to me so perhaps a good exercise for me to learn to just slow down and enjoy the moment more. Here’s how it was looking just before I baked it.

20210701 202151

Have to tell you my kitchen smelt amazing whilst it was baking and it came out looking mighty fine if I do say so myself! Tasted pretty great too, definitely worth the being patient. If I were to do it again I’d take more care to push the ingredients down a bit into the dough but I’m looking forward to making future loaves and experimenting with toppings!

20210701 205202

Every single ingredient is available at Shaw’s for you to try it out for yourself! Let us know which toppings you put on yours.